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Il portale del labrador retriever: informazioni sui labrador

Welcome back, in this portal you can read a lot of detailed information regarding retrievers and in particular it is focused on the knowledge and life experience with the labrador retriever breed. With this site you will find a lot of information so much that we want to tell everyone that the labrador is much more than the dog of the Scottex.

Information and knowledge of the labrador retriever breed

Many of these tips and insights can be extended to all retrievers (besides labradors, golden retrievers, flat coated retrievers, etc.).

Some experiences in fact concern the general health of the dog, for example how to have an energetic and fit labrador, how to prevent annoyances or diseases, without however claiming to want to replace the advice of a veterinarian. Consulting a doctor veterinarian is always needed in case of dog disease.

In general, some articles will discuss useful information for better well-being and better coexistence with the labrador. To encourage the reading of even the less experienced we have also included some articles that treat some more lightly race curiosity.

In this way we hope to interest the reading of those people who do not know these wonderful dogs in a simple but never banal way and always with the right approach and correct knowledge. For newbies of the breed, learning from the experiences of others is a great advantage.

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 The Labrador retriever: a dog for many but not all

The site is therefore designed for those who have just met this breed, or for those interested in a labrador and want to deepen their knowledge of these wonderful dogs, or even for those who want to understand if this type of dog can be the ideal and real companion of life. We remember from now on that the labrador is a dog for many but not for all! We will discover it together in its breed peculiarities in the various treated articles.

If, on the other hand, you are already an expert in this breed and you are interested in learning more about labrador reproduction or in general on the topic of improving the labrador through a correct approach to canine breeding, you can consult the site Labrador Stud dogs.


Other content useful to deepen the knowledge of these dogs

For all lovers of these reporting dogs we have selected a series of contents to deepen the knowledge with a pinch of entertainment

The labrador retriever portal with exclusive resources and free services

For passionate readers who love labradors and retrievers, other contents and services are completely free.

The breeding of the labrador according to the standard

For those who want to encourage the breeding of the labrador retriever according to the breed standard and with criteria related to animal welfare

Labrador puppies

For those interested in a labrador puppy instead, below we provide the images and some links with labrador breeders in Italy that promote labrador litters available on their respective farms. In this case infolabrador provides the useful service to bring you closer good breeders to the new owners. For contacts and any subsequent agreement, call or send email directly to the farm, after having read the reported data and the related information, info labrador undertakes to verify every data sent, but at the same time it is not responsible for subsequent agreements between breeder and owner; for this reason each owner is invited to pay attention in turn to certificates and information.

Labrador farms that publish litters on infolabrador declare of breed with the aim of improving the labrador retriever breed in reference to the standard of beauty and temperament of this breed. The good breeder di labrador undertakes to carry out genetic and diagnostic tests on the parents of the reared litters. The good labrador breeder acts in order to avoid the known Mendelian transmission genetic pathologies; the good breeder works on selection in order to limit other pathologies with a genetic-environmental influence (eg. Dysplasia at the hips and Dysplasia at the elbows). The labrador breeders who publish on infolabrador also undertake to provide all information to the new owners: both in the first period during the sensitive phases, for the best growth of the puppy, and during the life of the labrador to remain available as a point of reference for information.
Labrador puppies and litters from good breeders are not always available so consult this information portal often for constant updates.

If you have a litter raised in compliance with the requirements of the good breeder you can easily join the dedicated service and publish it

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